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06 January 2009 @ 12:00 pm
... Start my pilgrimage?  
Well, since there's been a random rash of activity here, I might as well finally try?

: Rita
Age: Nineteen
Height: 5'7"
Personality: ... I'm pretty sure you can get it from my strengths and weaknesses.

Likes: Theories of intelligence and justice, daydreaming, being out in nature, thinking, morbid humour, analysing everything, people who want to learn new things, falling in love with personality, the aesthetics of machinery.
Dislikes: People who don't know when to quit, who act stupid on purpose, busywork, feeling intruded upon, the possiblity of my freedom being compromised for people who are more conventionally likeable, feeling like a failure, traitors, when logic and morality don't agree.
Strengths: Loves to understand everything, but at the same time, not "cold" (or so I think, anyway). Lets both morality and logic guide; tries to be both a good person (by what I consider moral) and a smart one. Fair and considerate (except to people who have earned my distrust/contempt), cares deeply for friends. Likes to be diplomatic, give people the benefit of the doubt. Doesn't like to blow a fuse without reason (although sometimes temper gets the better of me). Constantly trying to improve self. Dry and slightly odd sense of humour. Both logical and intuitive.
Weaknesses: Overly self-critical, mulls over faults. Comes off as cold, distant, a cynical critic at times. Puts off life-changing things until "strong enough" to face up to the consequences, which ends up as never. Teases friends too much; the more I like you, the more I needle at you. Internalises problems to the point where others don't know problems exist, and they build up. Indecisive, worries about rejection, holds a grudge too long.  Slow to open up to others and hates to accept help.
Hobbies: Designing characters, starting to write stories and never finishing them, studying random things I find interesting, thinking and creating elaborate systems, hoarding and reading used hardcover books.

Favorite Color: Orange; second-favourite is a tie between blue and purple.
Favorite Food: ... er, anything that I'm not sensitive to and isn't overly-fancy "sophisticated" dining.
Favorite ToS Character: Genis, Raine, and Sheena in a somewhat-tie. Genis reminds me of my own best friends merged into one person so of course I'm attached to him, Raine is both fantastically insane at times and the voice of stability and reason (and wears my favourite colour, haha), and Sheena shows some unnameable emotional quality that I wish I could have and... eh, fiction-crush ( --; ). And of course, lovely voice acting on all three parts. <3
Least Favorite ToS Character: ... not that I disliked their concepts, and I adored their voice actors, but Presea and Regal felt a bit superfluous at times, like they were added at the last minute compared to the others. I'm a fiction geek, and characters that don't really "follow through" are up there on my long list of pet peeves of fiction. ;)

What would you do if -

Someone yells at you without a reason?: Speaking from personal experience... if I'm in a good mood, laugh, walk away, and sigh or facepalm as I did so so that the person knew I thought they were being an idiot (and maybe stop and think before they piss someone off who will actually hurt them). And if I'm in a bad mood... glare at them and take a jab at their intelligence before leaving the area. ^^;
Your best friend confides a secret in you that is self-threatening to them?: I'd keep it, but I'd feel guilty. Of course I'd want to help my friend, but if I couldn't see any obvious way to do that, I would feel obliged to keep their secret.
You found a wallet filled with cash abandoned on the street?: See if I can find contact information, first in the wallet itself, then with a phone book if I just find an ID. If not, turn it in to the police. (Maybe leave a note in it saying "Be more careful with this next time.")

Lastly -

I don't put pictures online, so how about a short description? Androgynous, lanky, shortish (bit more than chin-length, less than shoulder) curly brown hair, biggish hazel eyes, apparently a very expressive face once you know me well enough to "read" me. Tends to dress either a bit boyishly, or in women's clothing that isn't very "girly." Strangers have about a fifty/fifty ratio of guessing my gender correctly.
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badculture on January 6th, 2009 08:21 pm (UTC)
*Supports motion to revive comm*

I'm split pretty evenly between Raine and Genis. I'm going to settle on Raine, because of the distinctive tone you use when writing. It feels more like Raine than Genis, somehow.
【Caitlin】// ケーリン: Rinoa {Dead Fantasy}kitty_catline on January 7th, 2009 02:10 am (UTC)
I think Raine as well... :)
Annetora_minamino on January 7th, 2009 10:50 pm (UTC)
I agree with Raine.